Teen Titans Go! Slash of Justice

Teen Titans Go! Slash of Justice

Enjoy the thrill of action-packed gameplay, vibrant graphics, and engaging storyline that captures the essence of the Teen Titans Go! universe


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Prepare for an epic battle in Teen Titans Go! Slash of Justice, where you join forces with Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy to confront waves of dangerous opponents across 10 intense levels. Each character boasts unique abilities and fighting styles, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks and overcome formidable villains threatening Earth. Here’s what awaits you in this thrilling challenge:

Choose Your Hero

Select your favorite Teen Titans character, each equipped with special abilities tailored to their unique strengths and personalities. Whether you prefer Robin’s leadership and acrobatic prowess, Cyborg’s technological gadgets, Starfire’s energy blasts, Raven’s dark magic, or Beast Boy’s shape-shifting abilities, your choice will impact your strategy and combat approach.

Battle Against Dangerous Villains

Face off against a team of five formidable villains with Maze Pac Runner each posing a distinct threat with their own set of skills and powers. Engage in fast-paced combat, utilizing your hero’s abilities to outwit and outmaneuver opponents in dynamic encounters. Strategize your attacks, capitalize on enemy weaknesses, and demonstrate your mastery of combat tactics to emerge victorious.



Harness the incredible skills of your chosen Teen Titan to unleash powerful attacks and combos that devastate foes and turn the tide of battle in your favor. From martial arts prowess to supernatural abilities, each hero’s skill set offers exciting gameplay mechanics that enhance your ability to defeat enemies with style and finesse.


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