PacXon New Realms

PacXon New Realms

PacXon New Realms offers an engaging and strategic twist on classic arcade gameplay, challenging players to conquer maps while avoiding enemies


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Introduction PacXon New Realms

PacXon New Realms takes the classic character PacXon on a new adventure where the goal is to conquer each map by drawing lines and creating new zones. With a fresh twist on the familiar arcade gameplay, PacXon New Realms challenges players to strategically navigate the map, avoid enemies, and capture territory. This guide will help you understand the mechanics, strategies, and tips for mastering PacXon New Realms.

Objective and Gameplay Mechanics

Conquering the Map

The primary objective in PacXon New Realms is to conquer at least 80% of the map to complete each level. Players achieve this by drawing lines to section off parts of the map, turning them into conquered territory. As you draw lines, the areas you encircle become part of your captured zone, gradually increasing your control over the map.

Avoiding Enemies

The game introduces various enemies that roam the map, adding an element of danger to your line-drawing efforts. If an enemy touches you or the line you're drawing, you lose the game. This necessitates careful planning and quick reflexes to avoid enemy contact while expanding your territory.

Enemies Inside Your Zone

In some instances, enemies may appear inside your conquered zones. These enemies can disrupt your strategy and pose an additional challenge, requiring you to adapt and find new ways to navigate and capture the map.

Collecting Extras

Throughout the game, players can collect various extras that provide advantages, such as speed boosts, temporary invincibility, or additional points. These power-ups can be crucial in difficult levels, helping you to outmaneuver enemies and conquer the map more efficiently.



Utilize the corners and edges of the map to your advantage. Drawing lines from these points can help you avoid enemy paths and create larger zones of captured territory


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