Slither Birds

Slither Birds

Slither Birds offers a refreshing twist on the IO game genre by blending the beloved characters of Angry Birds with the competitive, growth-focused gameplay of


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Slither Birds combines the addictive gameplay mechanics of with the iconic characters from Angry Birds, creating a unique and thrilling gaming experience. In this game, players control birds reminiscent of those from Angry Birds in a dynamic, competitive environment where the goal is to grow in size and dominate the playing field.

Gameplay Mechanics

Similar to, players start as small birds and navigate a large, open arena. The primary objective is to collect eggs scattered throughout the map. Each egg consumed increases the bird's size, making it more formidable and challenging for opponents.

Competitive Edge

While not a traditional multiplayer game where players directly interact with each other in real-time, Slither Birds mirrors the competitive spirit of IO games. Players compete indirectly by vying for resources (eggs) and attempting to grow larger than their rivals. The larger the bird grows, the more dominating it becomes in the game environment.

Strategic Gameplay

Success in Slither Birds requires strategic thinking and skillful maneuvering. Players must navigate the arena cautiously, avoiding collisions with other birds that could lead to elimination. The game tests players' ability to anticipate movements, control their bird's trajectory effectively, and make split-second decisions to maximize their size and survival chances.

Visually, Slither Birds adopts a colorful and engaging aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the vibrant world of Angry Birds. The game's graphics are designed to be appealing and immersive, capturing the charm of both Angry Birds and the minimalist style of IO games.



Using Mouse.


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