Dragon vs Bricks

Dragon vs Bricks

Ensure Dragon vs Bricks smooth navigation by avoiding sudden swipes that could lead to collisions with stronger bricks. Navigate in a way that maximizes dot collection and minimizes encounters with high-strength bricks.


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Introduction Dragon vs Bricks

Snake vs Block is an exciting twist on the traditional Snake game, offering a unique gameplay experience where players guide a powerful dragon across the screen. The dragon collects rainbow dots to grow longer and stronger while breaking through bricks that stand in its way. Players must manage their dragon's health and navigate strategically to survive and advance. This essay will explore the mechanics of Snake vs Block, how to play, and strategies to excel in the game.

Game Play

In Snake vs Block, players control a dragon that moves across the screen, collecting rainbow dots to increase its length and strength. The dragon encounters various bricks that it must break through to continue moving forward.

  • Brick Numbers: Each brick has a number indicating its strength. The dragon's length must be equal to or greater than this number to break the brick without losing health.
  • Health Management: If the dragon's length is less than the brick's strength, breaking the brick will reduce the dragon's health. If health reaches zero, the game ends.


Using Mouse.

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