• Blob Giant Rush
Blob Giant Rush

Blob Giant Rush

Blob Giant Rush includes competitive elements, allowing you to race against other players' times and scores. Climb the leaderboards by achieving high scores and fast times, and compete for bragging rights and exclusive rewards.


Introduction Blob Giant Rush

Do you want to participate in an incredibly fascinating race? Blob Giant Rush is the perfect running game for you! If you enjoy playing slime games, then you'll absolutely love controlling this slime ball as it races through a vibrant, obstacle-filled world. Your objective is clear: watch out for obstacles, dodge them, gather all the jelly, and transform into a massive ball during an enormous sprint! Grow in size and strength, allowing the jelly to leap and the super jelly to run, ensuring the collection of extraordinary rewards!

Game Features

Blob Giant Rush offers a unique blend of running and growth mechanics, making for a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience:

  • Slime Control: Navigate your slime ball through various tracks by swiping left or right on your screen. The responsive controls make dodging obstacles and collecting jelly smooth and intuitive.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: The game features a variety of obstacles that you must avoid. From spikes and pits to moving barriers, these obstacles add a challenging element that keeps the gameplay exciting and unpredictable.
  • Jelly Collection: Scattered throughout the levels are blobs of jelly that you must collect. Gathering jelly allows your slime ball to grow in size, enhancing its speed and strength. The more jelly you collect, the bigger and more powerful you become.
  • Transformation: As you collect jelly, your slime ball transforms into a massive blob, giving you the ability to crush obstacles and gain higher rewards. This transformation is a key element of the game, providing a satisfying sense of progression and power.


Using Mouse.

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