Apple Worm

Apple Worm

Success in Apple Worm hinges on strategic thinking and careful planning. Players must analyze each level's layout, anticipate obstacles, and devise a strategy to collect all the apples while avoiding traps and hazards.


Introduction Apple Worm

Step into the whimsical world of Apple Worm, where players embark on a delightful brainteaser adventure alongside a gluttonous apple snake. Your mission? Help the charming apple snake navigate through intricate mazes, gobbling up apples along the way and ultimately reaching the portal to escape each level. But beware—the puzzles are not as simple as they appear, and strategic traps abound. Prepare to flex your mental muscles as you calculate your every move to outsmart the challenges that lie ahead.

Charming Crawling Mechanics:

Apple Worm captivates players with its endearing crawling mechanics, as they guide the apple snake through a series of captivating mazes. With each movement, the apple snake slithers gracefully across the screen, its hunger for apples driving it forward on its quest. The intuitive controls and charming animations make Apple Worm accessible to players of all ages, inviting them to immerse themselves in this enchanting brainteaser adventure.

Collect Apples, Navigate Puzzles:

The heart of Apple Worm lies in its puzzle-filled mazes, where players must strategically navigate their way to each apple while avoiding various dangers and traps. With each apple collected, the challenge intensifies, requiring players to carefully calculate their movements to overcome obstacles and reach the portal unscathed. The puzzles are cleverly designed to challenge players' problem-solving skills and keep them engaged from start to finish.


Using Mouse.

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